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Technology Overview.

Ultra low Emission LPG Generator-UELG

UELG is connected to the EV System, UELG can save the costs by replacing the big motors and high voltage controllers, more torque, achieving more safety, and energy efficiency.

Battery Environment System-BES

SAEAN’s BES perfectly controls the electricity flow when charging and discharging the battery peck, keeps the stable battery temperature using power off or cooling functions, and maintains the cell balance to prevent the domino cell drop down.

Battery For The Next Generation – Nano-Li-Polymer(NLP)

NLP Battery has twice more energy density than Lithium Polymer Batteries (LIPO), Also, needs only 30 minute for full charge in 7kW Low speed Charger.

EV Design Engineering Capability

Package Design Expertise, Digitalized Vehicle Design Process, Drive Mode Optimization, Customize Vehicle Design, Life Cycle Research, Computer Simulated Crash Testing